Canada's largest indoor farm show is returning to Brandon mid-January and as always, promises to feature everything we love about agriculture!

The Manitoba AG DAYS will be held January 16-18, taking up most every room and hallway at the Keystone Centre.

AG DAYS Gives Back Media Coordinator, Teresa Hildebrand, says the 2024 theme is 'Produced on the Prairies'. "So, we want to celebrate all things produced on the prairies including the products, which is often the first thing that comes to mind. But, also the people, the creativity, the entrepreneurship, the ingenuity, the perseverance that comes with bringing products to market," she says.

Hildebrand says there are so many tie-ins to the 'Produced on the Prairies' theme, and often we focus on the products; tangible things that we produce on the prairies. "But when you think about it, there's more, like opportunity is produced here, talents are produced here, technology is produced here.  There's just a lot of not-so-tangible things that are produced here on the prairies!"

"As we've been focused on AG DAYS Gives Back that sense of community is really produced here too," she adds. "I think that's a unique thing here in agriculture that we really do have that sense of small community, but then also the larger sense of community and re-investing in Ag. So, I'm just excited to see how that all unfolds as we get closer to AG DAYS!"

There will be a few additions to this year's show including a new event on Monday evening, January 15th where local food producers and local breweries will be showcasing their products at the Provincial Exhibition's Dome Building.  Also, the Tuesday morning AG EX breakfast will take place at the Dome Building.  "This is a beautiful space for the Monday evening 'tasting event' as well as the kickoff breakfast and I'm so glad we get to use this space for some of our events.  It has that neat atmosphere!"

"We would like to welcome everybody to AG DAYS," shares Hildebrand, "and just because it's cold outside in January, it will be warm inside, so come and see our 550 exhibitors, our 63 speakers and our 32 innovations in the Innovation Showcase this year! So, there's no shortage of things to see and do, and to participate in!"

Manitoba AG DAYS takes place January 16-18, 2024, at the Keystone Centre with the special locally produced market on Monday evening, January 15th.

Tickets can be purchased online at the AG DAYS website, or personally at the Dome Building on the Keystone Centre grounds.

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