April 26th has been proclaimed as Community Foundation Day across the province to recognize the vital role that community foundations play in contributing to the well-being of Manitobans, and the generosity of our citizens. 

“I’m proud to play my part in recognizing the tremendous role that community foundations play across our province,” says Glen Simard, Hon. Minister of Sport, Culture, Heritage and Tourism in a press release. “When people put their time and effort into their own communities, it shows. That’s what makes Manitoba a great province to live in and continues to contribute to our rich history and bright future.”  

Last Friday seventy people including community foundation leaders, the Endow Manitoba team, staff from The Winnipeg Foundation, and government officials gathered at the Manitoba Legislature for a historic moment – proclaiming April 26 as Community Foundation Day. 

"This momentous occasion recognizes the remarkable contributions of community foundations for over a century, and their dedication to improving community well-being," stated a news release issued by Endow Manitoba which is the umbrella organization representing the province's community foundations.

“Manitoba remains Canada’s generosity ‘capital’ thanks to the commitment and dedication of community foundations across the province,” says Sky Bridges, President & CEO of The Winnipeg Foundation in a press release. “Investing in our hometowns makes Manitoba better for us all. Each community foundation responds to local interests and needs, enriching the quality of life and helping create vibrant communities.”

Manitoba is home to 57 community foundations, the most per capita in North America, including The Winnipeg Foundation which is Canada's first community foundation. 

people inside Manitoba LegislaturePhoto submitted by Thor Thorleifson

“Thank you (Manitoba Government) for declaring April 26th as Community Foundation Day in Manitoba. As Margaret Mead once said, ‘Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.’ We are stronger when we respect each other, and work together as a team,” Thor Thorleifson, a member of the Endow MB Provincial Advisory Board, said at the proclamation celebration.  

The community foundation movement has been supported by the Manitoba government for many years, including partnering with The Winnipeg Foundation, through its Endow Manitoba initiative, on the Endow Manitoba Giving Challenge and Manitoba Heritage Trust Program, and establishing an endowment fund to support the growth of our community foundations.