For the new year, the Provincial Exhibition team is looking at their upcoming events, which always have a strong agriculture focus, but they also recognize that the ag industry is changing. 

General Manager, Mark Humphries, says one of their goals going forward is to keep up with the many changes while they plan the Royal Winter Fair, Ag Ex, and even the Summer Fair. 

“We’ve got to start looking forward,” shared Humphries. “The industry is changing. With farming and all aspects of the agriculture industry, we’re now touching on AI (Artificial Intelligence), and we’re all hearing more about climate change.” 

“All these things are going to affect us going forward, so we now have got to adapt to run alongside all the industry changes.” 

Humphries says they’re looking beyond 2024, keeping 2025 in their sights as they make note of the current changes, but also what’s just around the corner.   


“We’re making sure that education part keeps going to the general public what agriculture is currently facing and where we’re at.” 

He adds this is going to be a key point for everyone involved in the Fair industry, especially those affiliated with the agriculture aspect. 

“So, I think that is an important part of the industry, to be honest, that is the future, that is what we’re looking to, where that’s going to put us,” explains Humphries, “and hopefully boost that connection between rural life and city life and I think that is always at the top of our agenda.”