Liz Reimer has withdrawn her bid to win the federal Conservative nomination for Portage-Lisgar. 
Instead, she is turning her attention to the provincial Progressive Conservative nomination for Morden-Winkler following Cameron Friesen's recent resignation. 

"Circumstances change," she explained, noting the local MLA seat was not vacant back in December when she first announced her candidacy for the federal nomination. "But when it did become vacant, I had to take a serious look at the possibility of staying closer to home. After much deliberation, prayer and advice from some very close advisors, it became clear that my passion for what mattered was strongest for the constituents of Morden-Winkler."

Over 20 years ago, Reimer chose to live in Morden and remains there to this day. "This is home and the best place to raise my family."

Provincial politics is nothing new to Reimer either, having worked as an assistant to the previous MLA and has run a number of campaign bids. She also currently serves as a regional director for the P.C. Party of Manitoba. 

Boasting a business background, Reimer has also dedicated her personal time to various activities and committees in the area. 

"What I appreciate is that we have a diverse and dynamic riding," said Reimer. "We are leaders in manufacturing - business powered by agriculture. We are driven by entrepreneurship and innovation. This is a riding that has a spirit of generosity, and one of faith. Morden and Winkler look very different today than it did fifteen years ago with people from all walks of life and all countries. This comes with great benefits and also some initial challenges which, I believe, can be overcome."

According to Remier, a number of high priorities remain for the riding, and she feels the area needs to strengthen its ability to work together in those areas. This includes potable and wastewater projects. 

"There should be a longterm vision and a plan," she said. "Without the infrastructure in place, we cannot effectively address the housing shortage, the labour gaps, and the continued economic development projects and immigration. They are all interconnected."

Another prioirty, noted Reimer, is the local healthcare system, including but not limited to mental health support and the recruitment, retention and training of medical professionals.

"My promise is to listen and to speak up in the Manitoba Legislature to address the needs that are affecting us in Morden and Winkler," said Reimer. "I promise to represent Morden and Winkler first."