2020/21 budget deliberations are underway in municipalities across the region, and Rhineland is no exception.

With it being a re-assessment year in Manitoba, Reeve Don Wiebe says when putting together a draft document officials examined the impact that would have on tax rates.

According to the Reeve, farmland has increased an average of 12.2 percent and individual parcels of land range from 8.19 to 25.4 percent. Additionally, residential assessment has gone up 6.3 percent and commercial bumped up 7.8 percent.

"This means that Rhineland will require proportionately slightly more revenue from farmland as compared to residential and commercial," explained Wiebe. "And since we are anticipating a status-quo budget, there will be a corresponding decrease in the mill rate," he added.

Council is expected to finalize the numbers in the coming weeks.