A survey to measure the carbon footprint of the Municipality of Rhineland has been re-ignited.

Michael Rempel, Chief Administrative Officer for the municipality, explained council originally commissioned the firm Eco-West to do the assessment in 2014 with plans for the study to happen within a year, followed by a full report of the results. However, staffing challenges at the firm kept that from happening.

"Council wanted to re-gather that data since a number of years have elapsed and a number of changes have already been implemented," said Rempel.

Those changes include the construction of a more energy-efficient municipal office in Altona, a reconstructed arena and hall in Plum Coulee following a fire, and upgrades to the public works fleet to include greenhouse-gas reducing equipment on the graders and excavators. A two-bag garbage limit was also implemented in Rosenfeld and Plum Coulee in order to cut down on the solid waste that ends up in the landfill. Additionally, variable speed pumps were attached to the municipality's water distribution system which allow for less energy consumption.

Starting in March, 2019 Eco-West will begin collecting 2018 data for this new assessment, and examine greenhouse emissions from all municipal buildings and equipment, as well as solid waste collection and recycling numbers.

Rempel said this information is needed in order for council to apply for federal funding to help pay for future eco-friendly projects in the municipality.