Rhineland Municipality has laid out a plan on how the arena facilities in Plum Coulee and Gretna can operate this season under pandemic conditions.

Both arenas will have limitations on the number of people allowed on the ice, in the dressing rooms and in the lobby at any one time and the shower facilities will be closed.

Reeve Don Wiebe says they've taken into consideration some of the guidelines and protocols that minor hockey has established in an effort to keep their arenas safe.

He explains some of the restrictions that are now in place to control the number of people in those facilities at any one time.

"There is a maximum of 50 people at the facility at any one time. The maximum number of people on the ice has been set at 27 and the number of people in the lobby is about 23. Those are some of the rules that will help promote physical distancing."

He notes there will also be restrictions on the number of people allowed in the dressing rooms while all shower facilities will be closed.

Wiebe admits keeping their arenas safe is going to require additional time and resources.

"To keep the place safe, we're going to need significantly more janitorial time with respect to disinfecting, increased signage for hand cleansing and to make sure the entrance and exit doors are all kept separate. We've also said that we will restrict the daytime use of the facility."

Meanwhile, public skating at both arenas has been cancelled for this year and local schools will be unable to use the facilities for special outings and physical education classes. This would require adding municipal staff to monitor those activities which Wiebe says would be too costly.

He adds the outdoor rink will be open in Plum Coulee with proper signage in place however, the warm-up shack will be locked.