We were excited to have long-time Morning Show friend Rosemary Siemens join Michelle, Chris and Zack on Monday to share some really neat news.

Plum Coulee's Rosemary Siemens, along with her husband Eli Bennett, have been awarded Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee medals for their contributions to the Arts! The musical duo, of course Rosemary on violin and vocals and Eli as an award winning saxophonist, have wowed crowds for years, and most recently caught the ear of Her Majesty… which is where our story starts, with that story being the version of God, Save the Queen recorded by the pair. That recording was one of the reasons why they were selected for the medal, and featured a 400 piece symphony orchestra Rosemary and Eli created through the magic of musical production.

Rosemary Siemens, MP Ed Fast and Eli Bennett

And let’s keep in mind, Rosemary and Eli also received Diamond Jubilee medals back in 2013! An award winning couple that continues to make all of us proud.

The ceremony was held a few weeks ago in Vancouver, with Abbotsford M.P. Ed Fast bestowing the honour on the two. To close the event, Rosemary and Eli performed their version of God Save The Queen featuring a 400-piece symphony orchestra and choir created by just the two of them.