December is just around the corner, and as Your Christmas Music station, that also applies to many of our inspirational programs, too. Including the latest to join our Sunday family, that being Sunday Hymn Serenade – Radio Edition, featuring Rosemary Siemens and her husband Eli Bennett.

Sunday, December 3rd at 1pm, Rosemary is really looking forward to sharing several classic Christmas carols and hymns… and a very special recitation of the Christmas story by her son Theodore.

"I thought Christmas is such a special time of year, we celebrate with family and loved ones, so I wanted to make our Sunday Hymn Serenade Radio edition show about family," explained Siemens when she dropped by the studio to speak with Morning Show Co-Host Chris Sumner. "Theodore has a gift for memorization. He's only five years old, but he's memorized so many different chapters of the Bible. I thought it would be so special if he would share the Christmas story in our Sunday Hymn Serenade Radio Edition. He's memorized it from Luke Chapter 2, and so that's going to be a very special treat for our listeners this Sunday at 1:00 p.m."

The songs to be featured on the program will be "The First Noel", "A Gift So Wonderful" and "O Holy Night"

"It's so special to share these songs, especially some of the older songs," noted Siemens. "A Gift So Wonderful is a song maybe not everyone knows, but it's a song I grew up singing with my parents. I get to share that song with my dad, Jack, singing and my mom on the piano. Oh Holy Night I get to do with my husband, Eli Bennett, and so it's really a family show. I think that's what Christmas is all about, being home with your family, celebrating the birth of Jesus. For me, there's nothing more special than coming home to Manitoba, and spending Christmas with my family, I'm so blessed I can still do that. There's nothing more precious than family."

And as for Theodore's part in the upcoming episode, what does that mean to  "Mom" Rosemary to have him share the Christmas story?

"It's such an important story, and I think a lot of people forget the reason for the season, and how it is about Jesus coming to Earth, as a baby, to save us for our sins," she shared. "I think seeing Christmas through the eyes of a child, to really understand the reason for Christmas, is so beautiful. To have my own son recite and memorize the Christmas story, it's beautiful, and I just pray it touches many, many people's lives. It's a blessing for me to involve our family in everything we do."

You can listen to Chris's conversation with Rosemary below.

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