The combination of a female reporting a historical sexual assault and assault, and a subsequent traffic stop by Winkler Police, has ended with a 17 year old male facing several charges. The initial report was made April 17th by the female, and then last Thursday a traffic complaint led to the suspect being arrested.

Police were called after a report April 25th of a vehicle driving dangerously on Main Street, and one of the occupants noted to be smoking cannabis. Officers located the vehicle driven by a 16 year-old male, with a 17 year old passenger inside.

Based on the allegations from the earlier report, the 17 year-old was arrested and charged with Sexual Assault and Assault. 

During the stop, police searched the vehicle and located a small amount of fresh cannabis and a pipe with burnt cannabis. With that in mind, the 17 year old also received tickets for unlawful transportation of cannabis in a vehicle, and acting as the supervising driver without holding a class 5-F licence.

Meanwhile, the 16 year old driver was ticketed for operating a vehicle without a supervising driver.

The 17 year old was released to his mother on an undertaking.

In an entirely different case, on April 16th, Winker Police received a report from a female youth regarding being inappropriately touched by a male known to her, as well as being assaulted by the same male on a different occasion. The male was later arrested for two counts of Sexual Assault, two counts of Sexual Interference and Assault with a Weapon. He was released on an Undertaking, with an upcoming court date at Morden Provincial Court.

You can find the entire Winkler Police Report for files April 9th through 26th, here.