Jeff Doerksen joined the Eagle Morning Show ahead of what will hopefully be a busy week. Doerksen, along with his wife Linda, are owner-operators of Tim Hortons in Winkler and Morden. Each year, Tim Hortons runs a smile cookie campaign, Winkler and Morden locations will support the Boundary Trails Health Centre Foundation.

Doerksen says he's looking forward to beating last year's total.

"Last year, we really crushed it here in Morden and Winkler with well over $30,000 in cookie sales we were able to give to a local charity, and we're looking forward to beating that number this year"

Who doesn't like a smile? Doerksen assured us that their team is ready to pump out thousands of cookies for customers this coming week. Smile cookies will be available from April 29th to May 5th.

For the first time, locations in Winkler and Morden are supporting the BTHC Foundation, Doerksen talked about why they chose BTHCF.

"The Boundary Trails Health Centre provides a service to the entire community and the extended communities outside of Winkler and Morden. We just thought it was a great fit for this program."

Get your smile cookies next week or preorder them today!