It was a sold-out Y2K Drag Show in Morden on Saturday. Hosted by the Pembina Hills Art Council (PHAC), the show was originally scheduled to take place at the PHAC building in the clock tower, but it sold out in minutes, leading organizers to move the event to a larger location, the Morden United Church.

Performer, Peachy Keen, grew up in Morden, and explained how the show came about.

"This whole event kind of came to mind after I had done my first drag show in Winnipeg in November, and I wanted to do something in Morden, because I loved the art so much, within the first show that I've done. I thought this needed to be brought here, because I know there's so many people that don't have an outlet, or a safe space, for them to be just for a couple of hours, and I wanted to have that environment for them, where they were able to scream and cheer, and just be themselves, without worrying about who's around them."

Programs, Outreach and Exhibitions Coordinator at PHAC, Tye Dandridge-Evancio, described the afternoon.

"We had delicious food, we had amazing performers all under the Y2K kind of theme. So, there's been a lot of Britney Spears, Carrie Underwood, and Shania Twain. It's been a lot of fun. There's been lip syncing. There's been some party games, and there's just been a lot of laughter. So, it's been a good time."

Keen gave her reaction to the afternoon.  

"Today has been great. The turnout was insane. We sold out so quickly when the tickets went on sale. Everyone is so supportive. We have gotten so many laughs, so many screams. There was so much fun, and the environment just everything."

Guests were welcomed in the parking lot by volunteers from Boissevain, the United Church and Pembina Valley Pride with signs of support to ensure everyone felt welcomed and affirmed.

Dandridge-Evancio said he was nervous about the event, not only about community support, but the logistics and making sure it was a good time.

"It went really, really well. Everyone had a really good time. There was so much wooing happening, and so much clapping, and I honestly could not have asked for a better turn of events, or a better outcome. So, all I can say is just thank you, and I hope everyone is just living their best life right now, because I know I am."