Another year is in the books for the Altona Farmers Market.

Activity wrapped up on the last weekend of September and officials have had a chance to assess how the 2019 season went.

Spokesman Joe Braun said the weather for most of the summer was pretty good and they were able to draw steady crowds to their Main Street location.

"Sales would have been very similar to last year ... so we had a pretty good year. We ran 13 markets starting on July 6th with our regular eight vendors. The customer base was good with a bunch of new people coming to our market, which is always good to see."

Braun added they've enjoyed seeing some of the immigrant families selling products at the market from time to time and he hopes they see more of that in the future.

"Some of the Syrian population and also the people from South America ... have been coming on occasion but not on a regular basis. We would like to have more of them coming out because they offer customers something rather unique and quite different, you know, the kind of food they eat in their own countries."

The Main Street location where the market has operated for several years continues to be an ideal spot for local vendors to sell their products, according to Braun.