A number of projects in the Municipality of Rhineland continue to move along.

Reeve Don Wiebe said engineer work is nearly complete on a low-pressure sewer system for the east side of Plum Coulee. He noted businesses and landowners will be consulted on this plan once some final cost estimates come in.

Meantime, the training site for the Plum Coulee Fire Department has been relocated thanks to a grant from Enbridge. The facility is now located on a piece of municipal Don Wiebeproperty on the northern edge of town, just off of PR 306.

"This has great accessibility, has lots of room for expansion and we think it's a site that is well-suited for the training location," added Wiebe.

As for work on a new lift station in Gretna, the Reeve said that progress has hit a snag.

"What we started to do is begin the preparations...and as we're doing that you have to turn off the valve coming from the lagoon and...it didn't work at all and it had to be replaced."

Wiebe noted that this extra work added another $25,000 to the project.

However, there is some good news regarding one of the drains in the Municipality of Rhineland.

"The staff got an email saying, the email is from MIT, that they are going to start reconstruction and redesign of the Rempel Drain at the end of September," explained Wiebe.

Council has long said that this drain, along with the St. Joseph Drain, have proven inefficient in moving excess water out of the municipality and has been the topic of many discussions with provincial officials.