In a fusion of fitness and charity, Empower Hour with AURA emerged as an impactful event that not only energized bodies but also uplifted spirits. Kailey Thiessen, the owner of Aura Studio, and Sophie Gerbrandt, Resource Development for Genisis House, brought the community together for an evening of social support and movement.

"You can't beat a group workout. You see everyone kind of seeing what other people are doing, and it helps just encourage one another, once you get the music going, the environment is really uplifting. Everyone's kind of a cheerleader for everyone, and it's a really fun environment to be in," said Thiessen.

The event's core was a dynamic barre workout curated by Kailey Thiessen. The barre workout draws inspiration from ballet and includes Pilates and yoga elements. Participants engaged themselves in a full-body workout experience, with movements that could be formatted to their own fitness levels. Empower Hour did not just end at physical work; it extended its reach to support Genesis House. 

"The shelter has been very busy over the past few months. We're grateful, provide resources, and we're always sad to see that it's so needed in our community. But that being said, whenever we have a need, we go to the community, and they are very fast and very cheerful and responding to our needs," said Gerbrandt.

Genesis House is dedicated to helping people affected by domestic violence and found its message promoted through this collaboration. Sophie Gerbrandt highlighted the importance of such initiatives in spreading awareness and raising essential funds.

"A big part of what we do at Genesis House is to empower women to help them live their best life their healthiest life, their safest life and that is very similar to some of the core values at the studio. It just felt like a natural collaboration," said Gerbrandt.

The Empower Hour event, which was held at Suncatch Plaza in Morden, witnessed energetic participants eagerly embracing the workout challenge. Beyond the sweat and stretches, it was an evening of connection driven by a shared purpose.

It's nice to workout outside and just hang out with friends. It's a wonderful environment, it supports a great cause. Last time I really loved it, she has good energy, it was very encouraging and uplifting," said Lauren McPhal, who attended the event.

Thursday's event is not the last of the Empower Hour series, there will be more sessions that fuse fitness, community, and compassion, all while supporting the vital mission of Genesis House. As this initiative gains momentum, it serves as a reminder that coming together for a healthier body and a stronger community can pave the way for positive change.