Although the big crowning event only happens in July at the Manitoba Sunflower Festival, the preparation for the contestants who are participating in the 2024 Manitoba Sunflower Festival Queen Quest start soon!

Adina Schellenberg has been the coordinator for the Manitoba Sunflower Festival Queen Quest for about six years and stopped by to chat with CFAM's Zack Driedger!

The most poignant heads up, is that the cutoff for registration is January 31st! So if you know of a young lady who like to participate in the 2024 Queen Quest, don't hesitate, get them registered A-S-A-P! You can do that by contacting Adina

by phone: 204-362-5776 or by email:

Enjoy Adina and Zack's conversation below and use the following link to the Manitoba Sunflower Festival Facebook Page with all the registration details.