Congratulations to Angela Froese who's is the winner of the Asus netbook from Byte Mart Computers!  Chuck had a chance to talk to Angela's mom, who thinks her 7th grader will be quite excited when she find out today.  Have a listen:


Here's the computer:




Model: Eee PC 1005HA-V

Size: 10 " Netbook


Hard Drive: 160 GB HDD

OS: Windows XP

Processor: Intel Atom N270

Camera: Internal 0.3 megapixal



September 17th Highlights -  Tina, Gail and Jamie all got their first round of words right.  Following a string of wrong words, Jaimie Wall capitolized on being a nurse to win this spelling bee.  Find out what was the wnning word was by listening along.


September 16th Highlights -  After all getting the first word "slough" wrong, it was quite the battle between Jamie, Chanel and Valerie.  In the end Chantel Weibe came out the victor. 


September 15th Highlights -  Sharon, Carrie and Judy faced off in today's challenge.  After a full round of crrect words, Sharon eliminated Judy, and then Carrie eliminated Sharon.  However, we did find out Carrie is already a finalist for this contest, so Sharon Hildebrand will also be added to the list and could win the netbook. Congratulations Sharon.


September 14th Highlights -  Two competitors instead of 3.  Lori and Suzie battled it out,  both having opportunities to eliminate the other.  It was Suzie Friesen who capitalized and is now up for the netbook.  Congrats Suzie!


September 13th Highlights - After eliminating Daneld early, Della Duncan and Delores Enns battled back and forth with right words and wrong words until Chuck finally declared a draw and made them both finalists for the netbook.  Can you correctly spell the words that they got wrong?  See for yourself by listening along.


September 10th Highlights - This competition included some really good "spellers"!  In teh end Carrie Dyck of Morris eliminated both Larissa and Chantel to become a finalists.  Some tough words in this one, see if you can spell them.


September 9th Highlights - It took a few words this time around, but in the end, David Goertzen eliminated both Shawna and Kim to become our third finalist in the PC Spelling Bee!  See if you can spell all of these words.


September 8th Highlights -  Daneld, Maddison and Brian took the spelling bee challenge, and it was decided in just 1 word.  See if you can spell it correctly before Brian does.  Congratulations Brian Felewich of Minnedosa who is our second PC Spelling Bee finalist. 


September 7th Highlights- Ayisha, Angela and Judy faced off  for there chance at this netbook.  Angela Froese defeated Judy in the final two with the word, "incomprehensible".  Have a listen to the PC Spelling Bee.