The Eagle 93.5 FM want to send you on the most action packed, adventurous, challenging and fun weekend you'll find this year in the Pembina Valley.  It's the Pembina Valley Challenge, an Amazing Race! (Get details on the challenge here) The Eagle wants to pay your entry fee, so that you can take part in this fun-filled weekend and compete for the $1000 grand prize!  RONA in Winkler also wants to chip in with some great camping gear to make your experience even better.  You could win:


 - Entry Fee for Pembina Valley Challenge

 - Rona Camp Pack including:

     - 6 Camping Chairs

     - Portable BBQ

     - Propane Cylinder

     - BBQ Recipe Book

     - Camping Lantern and Batteries


To win you'll have to play the Pembina Valley Challenge Challenge!  You'll be competing against another listener to "match" our Eagle Station Staff.  Here's how it works:


Chuck will ask a question with a blank in it.

Connie went to the Winkler Pool the other day for a dip, but when she got there there was no water in the pool.  Instead it was filled with ___blank____.

The you will give your best guess at what Connie filled in the blank with.  If you match you're in for this great prize package.

The Pembina Valley Challenge Challenge with RONA in Winkler and The Eagle 93.5 FM