The Teddy Bear Picnic is an annual event that brings joy and excitement to children and adults alike in the communities of the Pembina Valley, which took place in Morden Park this year. It was organized by the Winkler Family Resource Centre and the Morden Parent and Child Resource Centre.

This gathering was centred around our special stuffed companions and has become an adored tradition; families come together to enjoy a day filled with laughter, entertainment, and the magic of teddy bears.

"I enjoy the kid's participation... it puts a smile on my face," said Cassey Giesbrecht, Music for Young Children volunteer.

Families enjoyed a delicious picnic-style hotdog lunch, which ensured everyone's appetite was well-satisfied. 

The Teddy Bear Picnic was a sea of teddy bears of all shapes, sizes, and colours, creating a delightful atmosphere for attendees. The event offered activities designed to engage attendees of all ages. Kids' eyes lit up excitedly as they proudly displayed their furry companions at the various stations.

"I like the stuff we get to do and hotdogs," said Kip Edwards, a kid attendee.

For many kids, the center of the event was the Teddy Bear Clinic, where volunteers tended to "injured" teddy bears in need of some love and care. Witnessing their teddy bears "recover" from their "injuries" brought smiles and relief to the young owners' faces. This interactive experience taught children about empathy and the importance of encouraging relationships.

The Teddy Bear Picnic went beyond just entertainment; it promoted a sense of community and compassion. The event served as a platform to plant the values of generosity and kindness in the younger generation, showcasing the power of joint efforts to make a difference. 

"There's been really great interaction with all of the tables; the kids are so excited to see everyone like the healthcare professionals, which is great because it just means they're getting more comfortable with all those resources," said Chantal Human Winkler Family Resource Centre's Executive Director.

The Teddy Bear Picnic was more than just a gathering of stuffed animals and picnicking families—it represented community spirit. It brought people closer, creating lasting memories and teaching valuable life lessons. This annual tradition continues to delight hearts, as the magic of teddy bears left a memorable mark on the Pembina Valley.