A politician running with the Green Party of Manitoba in the Morden-Winkler constituency is encouraging residents to let their voices be heard and cast their vote on September 10.

Putting his name into the ring for a second time, Mike Urichuk says although the democratic process is quite demanding, he wanted the locals to have a local to speak on their behalf.

"We need to have decision-makers coming from the area, and we need to ensure the government is allowing municipalities, school divisions, nurses, any individual who works within public services, or works in the private industry, should have their voices heard and are consulted with."

Living in the area for about five years, Urichuk is active in the community volunteering with numerous organizations. He says many will recognize his face from refereeing high school and middle school basketball or having taught in the Garden Valley School Division.

Urichuk says he's a father and cares about people, so his priorities are to help people grow and help the community become the best it can be. He wants to be there for the Morden-Winkler constituency, his hopes and ambitions are not to villainize anyone, but ensure the government works for all Manitobans.

Urichuk says being part of the Green Party of Manitoba felt right for him as they believe in the same things he does.

"If I'm running to empower local voices, the Green Party of Manitoba seemed like a pretty good fit. On top of empowering local voices . . . [they]believe in targeting issues close to my heart. Poverty is a huge thing. In Manitoba we have a very high poverty rate, and we need a government that recognizes and works to address that. We need a government that addresses the lack of senior care spaces and the lack of childcare spaces."

He adds if the government doesn't hear the concerns of the people and doesn't address the issues, the cycle will continue.

Urichuk believes the Green Party of Manitoba has identified these issues election after election and works to ensure longevity in all services, industries, the climate, and the preservation of our ecosystems.

Others running in the 42nd general election this fall for the Morden-Winkler constituency include Incumbent PC Cameron Friesen, Robin Dalloo for the NDP, and David Mintz representing the Liberals.