The Boil Water Advisory has been lifted for Blumenfeld and Hochfeld residents.

Reynold Funk, Blumenfeld-Hochfeld Water Co-op Board Chair, explains they've received the official clearance from Manitoba Health today.

However, Funk reminds residents the voluntary water usage restriction remains in place and asks residents to refrain from watering their lawns and other non-essential water uses.

Earlier this week, excessive water usage during the current hot, dry spell had drawn down the reservoir. The level dropped so low the pumps had shut down to prevent burning out.

When the water pressure drops to zero or no flow Provincial regulations dictate the issuing of a boil water advisory as any tiny leak that might exist could now leak backwards into the system potentially bringing in serious contamination.

In consultation with the Senior Regional Drinking Water Officer, Funk says the decision was made to keep the Boil Water Advisory up until they can get proof-of-noncontamination samples.