A local commercial vegetable grower is reflecting on a season that started out dry and finished with excess moisture.

"It was a so-so year," said Scott Friesen of Snowland Vegetable Farms near Halbstadt.

He notes it was the sweet corn crop that was most impacted by these challenging conditions.

"We had some blanking of the kernels on the cob, and subsequently you can't sell those so we ended up working down a lot of corn."

While yield was down slightly, Friesen says he did sell very pumpkin that was harvested. However, he noted wet field conditions also meant some late-season, smaller pumpkins were left out along with some carrots and beets.

As for next year, Friesen is considering expanding pumpkin acres while scaling back corn acres.

"The late sales seem to dwindle off a little bit and I'm having a struggle marketing them, and so I might just try and concentrate on the earlier market a little bit more," he said.

Friesen also hopes for a better year for carrots and beets.