Garden Valley Collegiate in Winkler

GVC has had a great start to their badminton season, hear about it below.

WC Miller Collegiate in Altona

2023_15_04_coll411_wcm.jpgGideon Giesbrecht from WC Miller

Calling all non-profits in the Altona area, the Youth in Philanthropy group at WC Miller is looking for grant applicants.

Nellie McClung Collegiate in Manitou

2023_15_04_coll411_nmc.jpg  A few of the grade 7's who shared their favourite ice-cream: (L-R) Markus Sanders, Takashi Lea, Hannah Bannister (host) Kaiden Vodden, Austin Livingstone, Hudson Derksen, Alexis Funk, and Quinten Lyne

A few days here and there have actually felt like spring, which is why the students at NMC shared their favourite ice-cream flavours with us, do you agree?