Sophisticated field drainage, drain tile installations and recent weather patterns continue to tax the Municipality of Rhineland. Reeve Don Wiebe says both provincial and municipal drains are impacted.

He adds just this past week Council had a conversation with the hydrologist it's working with and talked about what a systems-approach to addressing the situation would look like and what strategies could be used across the municipality.

"And so the hydrologist reviewed his perspective on provincial drains, their standards and new standards going forward and stressed the importance of drain maintenance including the control of vegetation, in particular bull rushes, and we agree with that, it is a big problem."

Council is also looking at the situation from a watershed perspective that includes discussions with the R.M. of Stanley and R.M. of Montcalm. Officials are considering the creation of a group that would collaborate on the management of water of streams down the escarpment and into the Red River.

Meantime, Wiebe says Council continues to see good progress being made on the Plum Coulee Arena and Hall rebuild. "Things are really moving along." He says windows are being installed, electrical and drywall work is well underway, and the concrete tender for the arena floor has been awarded.

Wiebe adds however, they did hit a bit of a snag.

"At first the heat pumps here deemed adequate but upon further inspection they seem to have sustained some damage."

He explains suitable replacements have been found and the hope is that they will arrive in about two months so work can continue.

Meantime, Wiebe says the process is underway to install a concrete surface at the outdoor rink in Rosenfeld.