Welcome to the first Christmas Made in Manitoba of the season, and tonight we're going back nearly a decade to revisit one of the first albums released by Ed Wayne and the North Border Band.

Coming from the Winkler and Morden areas, the group recorded the album in 2014, and included a number of originals songs written by Ed and performed by a "who's who" of musicians from Southern Manitoba.

Tonight, we go back in time to find out how the album came together, what inspired Ed to write songs like "Bethlehem's Barn, "When Mary Married Joe" and "Remember Christmas".

And, of course, we'll be sure to talk about Christmas memories and everything that makes this time of year so special for so many. It's Ed Wayne and the North Border Band with the album "It's Christmas" on Made in Manitoba. 

Album cover of It's Christmas

P.S. we went WAY BACK in our archives, and found the below video of Ed in studio in October 2014 playing the song "Remember Christmas". Enjoy!