The Western Canadian Wheat Growers say they are increasingly concerned over the blockades in Ontario and B.C. that are stopping rail traffic across Canada.

CN Rail announced that it will be forced to shut down significant parts of its Canadian network imminently unless the blockades on its rail lines are removed. A public statement from the individuals blocking the lines explained that their actions are in solidarity with the pipeline opposition movement and are unrelated to CN's activities.

In a news release, the Wheat Growers states that all Canadian citizens have the right to freedom of expression, peaceful assembly and assembly, but they must also obey the law.

“The blockades that are stopping rail traffic have far reaching impacts. Grain farmers depend on the movement of their grain to export markets all around the world and our markets depend on the timely arrival of our grain,” said Director Daryl Fransoo.

Wheat Growers is calling upon the federal and provincial authorities to enforce the injunctions to get grain moving on the rail lines. The organization adds that farmers also need to be certain that their fertilizer and machinery will arrive on time as they plan for spring seeding.

“Grain farmers should not be held hostage through this issue. We call upon the federal and provincial authorities to enforce the law, and clear the blockades,” added Fransoo.