Winkler is listening to suggestions from undercover visitors.

New tourism signage is in place around the city as a result of last year's undercover delegation from Selkirk.

As part of the First Impressions Communities Exchange, a group from Selkirk explored Winkler, rating the community in a number of categories including recreation, beauty, culture and services.

"You do these types of initiatives to help improve your community," Winkler Mayor Martin Harder says. "We are open to new ideas and we want to make sure to implement them when they make sense... this was a no-brainer."

While the team gave a glowing review of the local economy, recreation opportunities and parks, some felt lost trying to find tourist destinations.

Harder says the new signs will address the issue, helping visitors find what they're looking for.

"We want to stratigically place more, to help people understand where the downtown is, where the event centre is," he says, noting they'd like to add more, larger, signs in the future.

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Selkirk delegates gave a glowing report of Winkler last year, while highlighting some areas that could be strengthened including signage for visitors