While a single homicide rocketed Winkler to one of the most dangerous places to live last year, according to a report by Macleans, an update reveals the community isn't fairing any better when it comes to drugs.

However, Winkler Police Chief Ryan Hunt explains the department has since changed how they record their criminal files, and it may be an accounting issue that is skewing the numbers. He notes they've since changed their protocol when recording crime statistics, coming more in line with other police agencies.

With the previous reporting, drug offences were drastically higher than elsewhere in Canada with Cocaine trafficking five times the national average per capita with 13 incidents, and other controlled drug trafficking at nearly ten times the national average per 100,000 population with 27 incidents. Cannabis trafficking was three times the national per capita average with 11 incidents.

When listed by Cocaine Trafficking, Winkler jumped to the 10th spot on the list, while Thompson was number one. Arranged by Other Drug Trafficking, Winkler reaches the top spot in the country, followed by Selkirk, Portage la Prairie, and North Battleford.

Assault, on the other hand, was half the national rate with 36 incidents, while the sexual assault rate was on par with the Canadian average with seven incidents.

Theft and property crime were lower than average with zero robberies and 32 break and enter incidents, translating to a rate of 259 on the crime severity index compared to the national average of 438 per 100,000 population.

However, 46 fraud incidents put Winkler at a rate slightly above the Canadian average. Impaired driving was also slightly above average with 26 incidents.

Overall last year, Winkler scored 90th out of the 229 most dangerous communities, weighed down by a single homicide, and listed with a crime severity index of 75 (the national average was 70.96). This year, Winkler took the 117th spot out of 237 communities, with a crime severity index of 65.

However, other Manitoba cities took significantly higher spots on the list with Thompson at number two and a crime severity index of 333, trailing North Battleford, SK, with an index of 372.

Portage came in fifth with an index of 231.

The report ranks communities according to the Crime Severity Index (CSI), a Statistics Canada measure of all police-reported crime, which takes into consideration both the volume and seriousness of offences. The 2017 data, the most current available, was released July 23, 2018.