The following is the Winkler Police Service report for the period of November 28 to December 4, 2016, as submitted by the department.

During this week our police service opened 62 files. The following is a cross section of what transpired.

November 28th:    Shortly after 8:00 p.m., officers received a call from a woman advising that she and her boyfriend had just been threatened with death by a male known to them, and that her boyfriend had also been physically assaulted by the same man.  Both victims provided detailed statements describing the event, and requested that charges be laid.  The suspect, a 24 year old male, was located and arrested on November 30th at which time he was also found to be in possession of methamphetamine crystals. As a result of both incidents he is charged with Assault, two counts of Uttering Threats, three counts of Breaching Probation and one count of drug possession under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act.  He was released on a Promise to Appear with an Undertaking.

November 29th:    A complaint was received from the Winkler Recreation Department who reported finding graffiti in two locations of the stage in the park. To date there are no suspects.

A resident of Coulter Drive reported an egg being thrown against their dining room window overnight.

A resident of Scotia Drive went out to move his vehicle into the garage from his driveway when he noted it had been rummaged through.  Numerous CD’s and the garage door opener were stolen from the vehicle.

Two 17 year old males were served Police Cautions after being caught stealing cough syrup at the Superstore by their loss prevention personnel.  Both were turned over to their respective parents/guardian with an explanation of what occurred.

December 1st:    A resident of 2nd Street reported a theft from his locked vehicle while it was parked on the driveway overnight. Stolen were a Sirius Radio and a Pioneer Radio. There were no visible signs of forced entry to the vehicle.

At approximately 5:30 p.m., officers attended to a residence after receiving a frantic call for assistance in what was believed a domestic crisis in progress.  Officers were let in by a female who stated her brother was intoxicated by alcohol and that he had punched her in the mouth.  The suspect, a 15 year old youth was found to be shouting at no one in particular, and was immediately taken into custody.  The youth, who is on probation, was charged with two counts of Assault and one for Breaching Probation.  He has been charged with two counts of Assault, and for Breaching Probation.  He was released the next day when sober, on a Promise to Appear with an Undertaking.

December 2nd:     A resident of Chevy Drive reported his vehicle rummaged through overnight with a small amount of change stolen.

December 3rd:    Acting on a tip about a vehicle displaying a peculiar manner of driving, officers located the said vehicle, and made their own observations corroborating the tipster’s information.  The vehicle was stopped for investigation, at which time an open bottle of vodka was observed in the vehicle.  It was determined that the driver had consumed a quantity of alcohol, and as such was read the demand to provide a roadside breath sample.  The driver complied which resulted in a Fail reading.  She was placed under arrest and transported to the Winkler Police station where she provided further breath samples which resulted in readings of 110 and 100 mgs%.  The legal limit is 80 mg%.  The driver, age 20, is a resident of Morden and has been charged with Impaired Driving and Driving over .08.  She was released to a sober adult.

December 4th:    At approximately 12:40 a.m., officers were notified by staff at the McDonald’s restaurant that a male appeared to be passed out in his vehicle where it occupied a space in the designated waiting parking stall on their property.  Officers attended to find the vehicle running, with the driver initially unresponsive.  After removing the keys from the vehicle and several attempts to rouse the man, he awakened and presented in a state of disorientation, making no sense in his speech or actions.  A strong odor of liquor emanated from his breath and the belief was formed that he was impaired by alcohol.  The 26 year old male resident of Winkler was arrested for being in Care and Control of a Motor Vehicle while impaired, and transported to the Winkler Police Station.  Upon searching the suspect, he was found to be in possession of a small amount of marihuana. At the Police Station the suspect provided two breath samples which resulted in readings of 120 mg%.  He was released to a sober family member shortly before 3:00 a.m. after being served the applicable court documents. He faces charges of Impaired Driving, Driving over .08, and Possession of Marihuana.

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