Winkler Police is looking to the public to help find the person/people involved in a "Grandparent" scam which netted those involved thousands of dollars.

Officers received the report Friday of a local man falling victim to the scam where he provided several thousand dollars to a suspect.

The victim had received a phone call from a female claiming to be his granddaughter. The female told the victim she was in police custody after striking a pedestrian with her vehicle, and she required money for bail. The victim was then contacted by various people claiming to be court officials, who seemingly corroborated the initial caller’s story.

After being convinced his granddaughter needed help, the victim cooperated with the suspects and agreed to provide money. A female suspect attended the victim’s residence in Winkler, and the victim gave this suspect several thousand dollars.

After turning over the money, the victim became suspicious of what had taken place. He contacted his granddaughter, and learned she had not been arrested and did not need money, confirming this was a scam.

Police were able to obtain partial surveillance camera footage of the female suspect (see above and below), who was described as heavier and of average height, wearing a dark coat and a scarf covering her face.

If you have information that may assist investigators, contact Winkler Police Service at 204-325-0829.

surveillance footage of suspectImage edited by Winkler Police to protect identity of the victim