It appears the majority of Spring melt waters have made their way through the Municipality of Rhineland, and Reeve Don Wiebe, is commending the efforts of the public works staff and others during a flood season, which so far, has been much less impactful than last year's widespread overland flooding event.

"After last year's experience with the heavy snowfall after the series of Colorado lows, we were determined to be proactive, and open as many drains as possible, and to do this, we rented additional equipment and proceeded to open drains and things were going quite well until the recent snowstorm (April 5th/6th)," said Wiebe during Reeve on the Radio Thursday morning on CFAM Radio 950. "The storm again closed many of the drains, and we had to restart the process."

Wiebe noted crews opened as many drains as possible, when suddenly last week, the burst of floodwater arrived.

"With snow and ice in drains and creeks, crews worked diligently cleaning bridges and opening drains, and generally things went quite well, but there were several yards that were threatened with flash flooding," Wiebe noted. "Ice blocked water flows, and a few site sandbags were needed to block the flood, and in one site, a dam was constructed to protect a rural residence. Special thanks to our Public Works Director and the Public Works works staff, who worked long hours, and made a special effort to respond to every individual circumstance. Well done."

Wiebe also commended the Municipality's CEO for preparing daily updates for Council and residents, and the Plum Coulee Fire Department and volunteers who responded to help residents when floodwater threatened their homes. 

You can listen to Reeve on the Radio, with CFAM Radio 950 Morning Show Co-Host Chris Sumner and Reeve Don Wiebe, below.