Plum Coulee is making its mark on the map with the completion of their new Active Living Centre. Aptly named, Centre on Main, the facility will be the location of numerous activities, fitness classes, cooking classes, and game nights.

The project, spearheaded by Plum Coulee's Age-Friendly Committee, has received excellent support, surpassing its goal of $400,000.

Though they aren't sure how much they're over their initial goal, the Committee hopes they will have enough to add a dividing wall. However, there are always items on the wishlist.

Committee member, June Letkeman, couldn't believe how quickly the project went from concept to reality.

"I honestly did not. When we first held that public meeting in November of 2016, I thought, you know, maybe five years. Now here we are, and we've raised more than enough to pay for our building."

As for funding the operation of the age-friendly facility, Letkeman notes they will be selling memberships, and offering the space as a rental for events or gatherings.

The previous senior, located on the same site as the new Centre on Main, served the community for many years, however, everything must come to an end and this new facility will be a gathering place for years to come.

The speed and efficiency of creating the new building were due to huge support from the community, and shows the dedication of the people of Plum Coulee, explains Letkeman.

 "It's amazing, we have an amazing community. The people here are so very generous, we just pulled together and here we are."

To celebrate the completion of the Centre on Main and its grand opening, a free hot dog lunch was held Saturday for the residents of the town.

The new facility will be a gathering place for young and old alike.