The Yellow Vest protests have jumped across the pond into Canada, and the Pembina Valley is no exception.

Tania Peters, one of the protest leaders, started out spending a few weekends protesting in Altona before hitting the streets in Winkler.

"I feel that it's important to get people's interests piqued so that they go search out themselves what is exactly happening with our current government and Canada," says Peters.

Some of the issues the Canadian movement is advocating for is opposing the carbon tax and also finding ways to better the climate and use more sustainable energy.

As well, "we're advocating for the pipelines to be built and advocating against Canada receiving foreign oils from Saudi when we have our own oils here, so that we can become sufficient ourselves."

Peters says they are hopeful that the protests will encourage locals to do some research on what the government is doing so that they can come to their own conclusions, which they can then stand up for.

"What we are promoting is that our legal immigration happens in amounts that allow for successful integration into Canada's multicultural society and our economy. I just want people to really think about that as we do have Canada-wide media who is portraying a lot of us as white supremacists or racists. I for one am very much not any of those things," says Peters.

One thing they would love is to see more people join in which would allow them to have the singing of O Canada, as well as speeches from people who do come out to join the protests. "Yellow vest is not just one organizer, one person, it's all of us."

Peters notes that Yellow Vest Canada hopes to keep the protests non-violent, so she is thankful for the many people that have been supporting by honking while driving by, and bringing coffee to keep them warm during the extremely cold weather.