If you find yourself cruising around Winkler Friday evening, make sure to drive along Sandpiper Crescent to purchase a bracelet or two.

Everly James lost her grandma, Alitta, earlier this year after her battle with cancer. Today she's raising money for CancerCare Manitoba by selling bracelets on her front yard. She made them, with the help of a few friends, because making bracelets was something she did with her grandma before she passed. 

"We always used knot string, we always used pipe cleaners and we always made bracelets together with words on it like 'Joy,' 'Love,' and 'Alitta' - grandma's name," remarked Everly.

Everly also made sure to create a special bracelet for her grandpa. She wants him to put in his "El Camino."

Here's our full conversation with Everly

2023_07_28_bracelets_01.JPG Everly giving her grandpa (Rick James) the bracelet with his late wife's name, Alitta, on it.

Jordan James, Everly's dad, shared his and his wife's reaction to the idea. 

"We were both holding back the tears, and we were, like, 'Absolutely, we'll make a bracelet stand.' We are so proud of her. She has such a kind heart, and she said she wanted to help other people's grandmas. She just finished kindergarten, and so we've had almost four weeks now, and we've been making bracelets together as a family, and we have been busy, and Everly has been extra busy."

With scrap wood from the backyard, Jordan put together a stand based on a sketch Everly provided him.

"She's been helping with everything. She has made so many bracelets, and we're so proud of her as she is selling those bracelets. She's going to donate all that money to CancerCare (Manitoba). Our goal was to make 100 bracelets, and this week we got up to 100 bracelets."

Thursday was their first day selling bracelets, and after selling 60 out of the 100 made, they had already made around $500.

They'll be selling bracelets again today (July 28th) from 4 - 7 p.m. on Sandpiper Crescent, bracelets cost $2 each.