In a speaking and hearing world, being able to verbally communicate, listen to others and comprehend what is being said is a tremendously important aspect of daily life. For the 1 in 6 Canadians who have a speech, language or hearing issue, tasks many of take for granted pose significant challenges. For some these began at birth, like the guests who joined us on the Morning Show Thursday. Approximately 3 out of 1,000 babies are born with some sort of a hearing loss each year.


We were joined by Stacey Friesen whose 5 year old daughter Holland is at the beginning of her treatment after being born deaf, and being diagnosed with severe to profound hearing loss in both ears.



And with Holland on her lap, and the young girl doing a fantastic job of letting mommy tell her story, Stacey also reflected on those early days after the diagnosis and the challenges she, her husband Keith and Holland faced.



Also stopping by the studio, and on the other end of the treatment journey, was Jessie Goodwill. Jessie was also born deaf, and received cochlear implants in Grade 3 after being born essentially deaf. Now 28, and having lived successfully for years in a hearing and speaking world, she shared her story with Stacey and Holland sitting and listening next to her about the challenges the family may face in the future, but also the wonderful successes.



A big thank you to Rita Wiebe from the Altona Elks for helping us have Jessie, Stacey and Holland join us today. Also a big thank you to Elks Canada and the Royal Purple for the many years your organizations have dedicated to speech and hearing issues, particularly in children. Also a special thank you to the thousands of dollars your branches across the country donate each year to speech and hearing clinics, services and other resources.


Both Jessie and Holland are receiving treatment from Central Speech and Hearing Clinic in Winnipeg. The non-profit organization, affiliated with Victoria hospital, uses the auditory-verbal method along with high powered hearing aids or cochlear implants to help children learn to listen, hear and speak. The Clinic is financially supported by the Elks. is your only local source for community news and information such as weather and classifieds.

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