Mulligan Mondays

Mulligan Mondays

Mulligans Restaurant is teaming up with us to bring you great food, great service, and we'll say it again... GREAT FOOD!

Play along every Monday as Daemon asks three questions that get progressively harder. If you get an answer wrong.. don't worry.. you can use a mulligan! Answer all three right and you win a gift card to some of the best food in Winkler! It's Mulligan Monday's and it's only on the Country 88 Morning Show!

Monday, May 9 - It was the fruit game with Christie Verocquigny, and she had no toruble coming out the winner for Mulligans!

Monday, May 2 - Nicknames of Cities was the game today on Mulligan Mondays and Bill Clisby came out on top for the win! Now Mulligans for the first time in a couple of years!

Monday, April 25 - Jason Knelsen is excited to hit up Mulligans Restaurant and Lounge after taking down the trivia for Mulligan Mondays! 

Monday, April 18 - First time winner Joshua Dyck figured he would try his hand at some Mulligans trivia and is now going to go eat at Mulligans for the first time! 

Monday, April 11 - Victor Klassen is looking forward to the snow despite him not being a "winter guy". Oh and he ran through Mulligan Monday's!

Monday, April 4 - We played Mulligans a little different with audio clues, and Marilyn Scheirlinck got them all for a Mulligans gift card! 

Monday, March 28 - Nicky Reyneke was shocked as she won Mulligans for the first time! 

Monday, March 14 - Rib Eye steak is a personal favourite for Allan Toews and he's going to celebrate spring by heading to Mulligans!

Monday, March 7 - Melissa Dyck had some help for her kids to get the win in this weeks Mulligan Monday!

Monday, February 28 - Pat Penner had some help to get through the trivia this week but is the winner and now has some co-workers to help out now!

Monday, February 14 - Sports trivia was no big deal for Tyson Wiebe and now he has delicious food for Valentine's Day! 

Monday, February 7 - John Dyck walked his way through Mulligans trivia to win himself a girt certificate for himself and a friend!

Monday, January 24 - Geraldine Thiessen needed a little push to find "Newman" but she rolled on with a guess for the win and now is ready for some delicious food at Mulligans!

Monday, January 17 - It's been a while since Barry has been to Mulligans Restaurant and Lounge, but geography was no problem for him so now it's off for delicious food!

Monday, January 10 - Steve Wall is our first winner for a Mulligans gift card and now is ready to dine in 2022!

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