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With the substantial snowfall seen over the past few weeks, snow removal remains under control in Morden.

City Manager Faisal Anwar says their biggest concern is the number of vehicles that they've towed. In the last two months of 2018, the city removed 24 vehicles, in 2019 so far 18 have been removed.

Faisal says this is an alarming number and believes it could be new residents that are unaware of the parking ban.

Faisal understands that it's never a pleasant experience to get a parking fine and says the city is looking at solutions to improve communication.

"We don't like to tow this number of vehicles every month, because 18 is quite a high number for the past two months. We're working on it, and hopefully, it will get better."

From October 1 through April 30, cars parked on the street from 12 a.m. to 8 a.m. could be towed, and owners fined over $150 plus towing fees.

With an operating budget of approximately $155,000 for snow removal, Faisal says crews remain on budget and are handling the copious amounts of snow efficiently.

"We divided the city into six different zones; two zones are covered are coved by city staff, four are contracted out, so over 60 percent of our snow removal in contracted out. We do sanding and salting as well, some like Thornhill the province is responsible for."

With spring still some time away Faisal says the city will address any additional snowfalls, look at their contractors and find where there need to be improvements. The most important of those will be communication says Faisal, fulfilling expectations and avoiding and unnecessary hardships to Morden's citizens.

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