By: Jennifer Cassils

July 23, 2006

Harvest of winter wheat is underway around Carman and fall rye is expected to come off this week.

Rob Park of Manitoba Agriculture says preliminary yields range anywhere from 60 to 85 bushels per acre.

He says the warm winter and good subsoil we had were major factors in the end results.

Meanwhile, Park says the corn, sunflower, soy bean and edible bean crops have been fairing quite well also.

He says the heat has really helped them along however, to achieve strong yields when they are harvested in a month, more moisture will be needed.

Park adds the Carman area is on the edge of the driest part of the province with only 20 to 50% of the average rainfall received.

He says if they do not receive moisture in the near future they could be facing a drought.

Park says hay fields and pasture land got off to a great start this year with first cut hay above average.

However, he says unfortunately they are seeing a downward spiral in conditions.