Meteorologists in southern Manitoba say there is a chance we will be hit this week with the fourth Colorado Low in as many weeks.

Scott Kehler is a meteorologist with Weatherlogics. He says they are tracking yet another Colorado Low, which could arrive in the northern United States towards the end of this next weekend. But, Kehler cautions that there is still a lot of uncertainty with this one, as is typical in the long-range. He notes some forecast models are bringing this system to Saskatchewan, where this precipitation would be much more welcomed, particularly western Saskatchewan.

"But on the other hand some models do bring it through Manitoba, so we'll have to keep a close eye on this as it could turn what's already a bad flood situation, into something much worse," notes Kehler.

According to Kehler, if we do get another Colorado Low, the precipitation will likely fall as rain in the southeast, with the possibility of snow in Westman areas. He adds rainfall amounts will likely be similar to this last weekend. However, he cautions that as you get deeper into spring, there is more humid air that comes up from the United States, which can drive thunderstorms, producing higher rainfall amounts.

"Hopefully the models will be wrong about this one," says Kehler. "They've been pretty good though this year which is a bit concerning."

However, before we get to the weekend weather, Kehler says southern Manitoba is in store for the warmest week so far this year. He notes temperatures in the mid to upper teens are expected, possibly hitting the low 20s by the weekend. And, with sunshine in the forecast, Kehler says it should be a good week to get rid of some flood water.

Putting things into perspective, Kehler says the normal high for this time of year is 17 degrees, meaning though it will feel like summer, temperatures this week will only be average for this time of year.

And, Kehler says he does not anticipate any more significant snowfall totals this season. Though we normally receive a couple of centimetres of snow in May, he says the odds of another big snowstorm are very small.