Crews in the R.M. of Morris spent the weekend responding to increased flood levels.

Reeve Ralph Groening reports the Red River in the municipality rose two feet over the course of Saturday and Sunday.

An emergency operations centre is being set up at the R.M. of Morris office in Morris.

"(We) are beginning to process people that are evacuating, we have about a dozen that have already chosen (to leave)," explained Groening, who expects there will be many more by this evening. "I would expect we would have up to two dozen, maybe even more than that. It depends on the elevation. This is really a situation that is developing and changing by the day."

On that note, Groening says the Province presented them with flood predictions yesterday that suggested the Red River could climb another seven feet.

"I have some difficulty coming to terms with that but, if worst case is what will happen, we're looking at a 1997 level event," he explained. "That's not something any of us had anticipated or even, I don't want to say it, but we did not prepare for a 1997 event."

The province's flood sheet issued on Sunday shows the Red River at Morris is expected to crest between 780.6 and 783.0 feet. In 2009, it crested at 781.66 feet, while in 1997 it hit 783.34 feet. Worst case scenario, the river would peak four inches below 1997 levels.

Groening added, this development has forced officials to take a hard look at some of the realities that might result as a consequence.

"We are just reviewing and discussing what potential implications are going to be, but it could involve more evacautions, we're not certain. This will be kind of day by day. We're responding and doing our best to prepare for what might be required."

The communities of Lowe Farm, Riverside, Rosenort and Aubigny all have ring dikes protecting them from a 1997 level flood plus two feet.

"But if you had an event like '97, there would be closures of these communities, and that would likely result in additional evacuations, but we don't have details on that yet," said Groening.

As a result, the Municipality is putting together an operational plan in the case such a scenario presents itself.

Meantime, officials continue to keep an eye on the community of Riverside which, according to Groening, would lose road access with 2009 flood levels.

"And so we've encouraged a lot of people there to leave," he added.

A community meeting for residents of Riverside is taking place tonight at the Rosenort Fire Hall.

As well, officials are also looking out for any additional rural residents that could lose road access.