Delegates from across Canada, the United States and Europe had a chance to see Canada's first wind farm on Sunday.

The Canadian Wind Energy Association is hosting a conference and trade show in Winnipeg until Wednesday.

President Robert Hornung says as part of the conference they toured the St. Leon Wind Farm.

He says for many of the delegates this was the first wind farm they had seen.

St. Leon provides an opportunity to see a wind farm in operation and the latest developments in wind technology.

Hornung adds a unique aspect of the St. Leon farm is the community involvement.

They take full advantage of the opportunity to provide tourists with information, by setting up an Interpretive Center.

He says the farm provides the community with many benefits, such as economic development, tax revenues for municipality, and lease income for landowners.

Hornung adds the Manitoba government realizes the opportunity in wind development, and has a goal of 1000 megawatts of wind energy for the province.

This is ten times the size of the St. Leon wind farm.