Saturday students, staff and eager family members gathered at 500 Stephen Street Community Centre for an Environmental Cultural & Educational Center "LEADER" fashion show. 

Representative Galina Churikova described the show. 

“Today we had a wonderful kid's fashion show, featuring 'Endangered Species of the Red Book.' The idea of this showcase arose from a deep respect for nature and its inhabitants. We aim to teach our students from a young age about responsible attitudes towards our ecology and nature and to show them their amazing creatures that need our protection.” 

Galina and her son hosted the event.

She explained why it is important to teach children about environmental issues.

“We are really excited about our fashion show because kids are our future and they're our flowers. We love our nature, and we have to keep it for our future generations, and we should teach our kids about that. That's really, really important for us.” 

Children wore a variety of costumes while Russian and English Explanations were given for each endangered animal represented on the catwalk. Cultural & Educational Center "LEADER" meets on Saturdays on aims to teach children English and Russian on a variety of topics throughout the year. 

Group photo.