Local police are reminding residents that fabricating police reports can result in criminal charges.

The Winkler Police Service received a report January 20 of a suspected impaired driver who was speeding on Main Street. Police located the suspect vehicle and noted the driver to be travelling in a lawful manner. Police conducted a traffic stop and spoke with the driver who was sober and not impaired in any way. The driver advised police she believed the complaint was made due to a dispute she was having with the passenger of another vehicle regarding an unpaid debt.

Police located the suspect vehicle from which the complaint arose, and upon speaking with the occupants one of the males admitted to fabricating the complaint. Police verbally cautioned the 18-year-old male for making a false police report and advised him that if he made another false police report he would face criminal charges.

The Morden Police Service dealt with a similar incident on January 15. At 11:45 p.m. Morden Police received a call from a youth in complaint of his mother who was intoxicated and was wanting to leave in her vehicle. Police attended the residence and determined that the youth and his mother were having a dispute over cleaning the house. The mother was not intoxicated. Both mother and son agreed to go to bed and discuss their issues calmly in the morning.