Those who have signed up for the Aura Studio 12 Hour Spin-a-thon in support of Genesis House will be getting their sweat on, all while supporting a good cause!

Even though the event registration is full you can still stop by the Meridian Exhibition Centre between 8 a.m and 8 p.m on Saturday, cheer on the participants, and buy a 50/50 and raffle ticket. All proceeds support the important work of Genesis House.

We had Sophie Gerbrandt, Community and Resource Development with Genesis House and Aura Studio's Kailey Thiessen on the morning show this week and told us all about it.

"Sophie and I have been collaborating for a little bit now on different ways that the studio can get involved in supporting Genesis House. In the summer time we did our Empower Hour barre workouts in Morden. And then she came to me with this idea of getting the bikes involved, the spin classes involved, and then the Spin-A-Thon just kind rolled after that one, she continued, "I am always looking for how can we get involved in the community and offer something that no one else really does."

While Sophie has participated in spin classes before, she's okay with being on the planning side of things for this event.

"I am very happy to be running the event on Saturday, not participating, one class is more than enough for me in a day, so I am in awe of the riders who are going to be doing 2 even 3 classes throughout the day, that is going to be a lot of hard work and quite the challenge, but I know they can do it."

Kailey told us what a regular spin class has an atmosphere that you have to experience to appreciate.

"We have everything as dark as we possibly can in the studio. We've got different color, kind of like rope lights, loud music to keep you going. The instructors are fantastic at what they do and they know how to keep you encouraged to keep you riding for the whole 50 minutes. You got a little bit of that internal competition with the person beside you that kind of kicks in every now and then."

Some hours of the event will even have different music themes, or specific artists like a 90s theme, Jason Derulo, Pitbull, Usher, even a theme for millennials.

Sophie also shared why we should come cheer everyone on.

"Genesis House is such a needed resource within our community. Our shelter has been full consistently over the last year and the need just continues to grow. About 30% of our budget from donations every year, so this event is part of that. So if you can come by, cheer on a team, donate even $5 - $10 , it really does make a difference."