The Reeve for the Municipality of Rhineland has been taking time to assess the impact of this summer's unrelenting rain.
Don Wiebe says there is considerable crop damage throughout the municipality.

"Peas and beans have been most susceptible to these extreme conditions and now you're beginning to see large, yellow areas in the fields that indicate damage or no crop at all."

In response, Wiebe says crews have been busy remediating drains and cutting bull rushes in order to maximize drainage. He adds a few trouble spots have been identified and Council is considering engaging a hydrologist to design improvements to the municipal drainage system. There is also discussion of lobbying the province to provide greater support in maintaining provincial drains.

Meantime, Wiebe says the harvest season is close at hand and this means larger farm equipment will again be using the roadways. He encourages all cyclists, motorists and equipment operators be mindful of one another and practice safety first.