The Municipality of Rhineland is working on drainage plans and road problems due to frost boils.

Reeve Don Wiebe said this year has been better for the Public Works Division as crews have been able to concentrate on existing drains.

“What a difference a year makes,” said Wiebe. “We've been particularly concentrating in Ward 1 and in Ward 5, we are also trying to work towards a watershed management plan. In this plan, we maximize the capacity of our existing drains.”

Wiebe also stated Council has consulted with hydrologists and are meeting with landowners to discuss the recommendations made by the hydrologist.          

The Municipality has also been dealing with the existence of frost boils on the roads, left over from spring.

Frost boils occur when moisture reaches the base of a paved road, freezes, expands, and pushes soil upwards towards the road. When temperatures warm up, the pavement collapses.

Wiebe explains that Council is hoping to mitigate some of the frost boils using drain-tile technology.

“We've asked our administration and our staff to investigate that, to research that, and maybe in the future we can do a test-plot to see if there is a way to mitigate some of these frost boil problems.”

The town of Plum Coulee is also looking to create new infrastructure. The Age Friendly Committee has been fundraising for a new facility.

“The committee is proposing to demolish the present building sometime after the Plum Fest, and begin construction shortly thereafter,” said Wiebe.

He stated well over $200,000 has been raised, but more is needed to complete the project.
More fundraisers are being planned for this project, and donations are appreciated.

Meantime, a couple of by-elections will soon be happening soon in the municipality.
Nominations to fill a vacancy on the L.U.D. of Plum Coulee close on July 25. Nominations for councillor in Ward 4 close later in August.

Interested candidates are asked to contact the municipal office for more information, or to pick up nomination papers.