The Liberal candidate for Borderland constituency is gearing up to hit the campaign trail for the anticipated fall provincial election.

Loren Braul says he's been busy finalizing publications and establishing a social media presence, as well as gathering and organizing his team to reflect a demographic and geographic balance.

"We want to make sure that our team, as much as possible, as connections to the various communities in the constituency so that we have somebody that's connected with the on-the-ground issues," he said.

Loren Braul

While he waits for the writ to drop and the official election period to begin, Braul also plans to visit various communities and festivals this summer. In fact, he was accompanied by Dougald Lamont, leader of the Manitoba Liberal Party, in the parade at last weekend's Manitoba Sunflower Festival in Altona.

Meantime, door-to-door meetings with voters will be a part of his plan to drum up support this election, however, Braul says he'll also be taking a more "comfortable" approach by speaking at house meetings across the region. In this instance, a constituent would organize a get-together in their home by inviting up to 20 people to come to hear their local candidate speak.

"Everyone would see this as an opportunity to get to know me, potentially get to know party issues...and so it's an excellent opportunity to have some direct face time with people and a more intensive conversation than you can have just from going door-to-door," said Braul.

And while he wants people to hear about party issues/priorities, Braul feels the local campaign is going to be more about who voters want to represent them in the legislature, explaining Cliff Graydon's entrance into the race has shifted the dialogue slightly.

"Traditionally we would have a party-oriented approach where candidates would work primarily for the party but Cliff Graydon is not attached to a party, and so it leads us to consider now on a personal level who do we want to have as our representative?. And so there are four people running and that personal connection to the community or to the voters is what will make the difference in the ability of that person to bring those concerns forward to the legislature."

Braul feels there is an opportunity for him to fulfill this role and explains because the Manitoba Liberal Party is a smaller group, elected members aren't relegated to the backbench. Because of his professional background, the rural Manitoba lawyer expects and is prepared, to take on a prominent role within the party if elected.

Also on the Borderland ticket is Josh Guenter for the Progressive Conservatives, the NDP's Liz Cronk, and incumbent Independent Cliff Graydon.