Local communities like Altona are bracing for an influx of pipeline workers in the region.

Construction on the Line 3 Replacement program is expected to start in August.

Enbridge has indicated close to 800 workers will be in the region over the next year, which is good news for the local retail and service industry.

That's expected to provide a significant boost to the local and regional economy, according to Stephanie Harris, manager of the Altona and District Chamber of Commerce.

"From an economic standpoint, this is a great opportunity for the business community. I know many have already started preparing for the influx in their customer base. I've also spoken to a few business owners who have mentioned increasing their product orders to accommodate the increase of people in our region."

Harris has already met with officials from Enbridge to provide them with as much information about the community and surrounding area as possible and determine what services will be required by the pipeline workers over the next several months.

"The primary services that the employees are requiring are restaurants, hotels, grocery stores, car washes, self service laundry, hair dressers, etc."

Harris added, this is also an opportunity to showcase what Altona and area have to offer, not only in terms of services, but also in lifestyle.

"Back in early June, Joanne Bradbury, the Community Engagement Specialist for Enbridge asked that we provide her with different things that are going on in the community at the time. It's very difficult for these employees to get home to their families, so many of their families are going to be coming into our community. So, it's a good opportunity for them to see all of the great things going on in our community."

The Chamber office has been reaching out to local member businesses and getting them to think about what they might be able do to assist these visitors in any way.

"Maybe getting them to think outside of the box a little bit when it comes to their standard business hours in order to help accommodate them, and look for other ways to highlight the services that they do provide so that the people staying here have the chance to see what they have to offer," said Harris.