When Winkler's Brenda Fehr made a heartfelt plea on Pembina Valley Online for her ill-husband's E-bike to be returned after it was stolen, Pembina Valley Online received a few calls from people wanting to help. The first call came from a business who had experienced its own hardship and didn't want Frank to go another day without a bike and offered to donate a new E-bike to him. Over the weekend, Frank got his taste of freedom back. 

The donating business said this is the kind of thing they have done in the past and know what it's like to rely on the kindness of others. Other calls did come in, after the donation was made, from radio listeners who heard the story and wanted to help.  

Brenda was in disbelief when she answered the phone to hear the good news, calling the person who wanted to make sure Frank didn't go one more day without a bike, an angel. 

"I am beyond touched. It's been a lonely road going through everything so it's just amazing there are people like this out there." 

After taking a spin on the new bike, Frank said he felt good about himself again and thanked the community for their care and concern. 


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