Similar outdoor exercise equipment was installed last fall along Carman's Pathway to Active Living.

The City of Morden is doing what it can to get it's residents more active.

Director of Community Services Clare Agnew says this is a project they have wanted to get off the ground for some time now. She says there is a grant they have applied for through New Horizons, which is a senior focused program, for $25,000. The cost of the total project which would include the purchase and installation of the equipment, would come to $28,000.

Agnew says the equipment they would be purchasing is defintely senior friendly but anyone would be welcome to use them. She says right now they're in talks with potential users and with the Morden 55+ Activity Centre to find out where in the city the equipment would be best utilized but they would in one of the city's parks.

"There are two ways of doing it, you either situate it all in one area and you would go from machine to machine or you could put it along a walking path. So we're just looking at what the options are and seeing what would be best for our community."

Agnew says if the grant comes through, they would like to get this project completed as soon as possible, but if not, the city would have to wait until next year.